23 August, 2014

Care package from Japan

After an attempt earlier this month to make onigiri (Japanese rice balls) for my family, I asked for help from my best Japanese friend. 
Part of the label on our care package.

The thing is that making onigiri is to a Japanese woman, like making sandwiches is to an Australian. They do it easily and often. But I never do, because you can buy them very cheaply in many places. But the "sushi" you buy in Australia is not only expensive but it's not "real" Japanese food. The rice to filling ratio is too low and most of the fillings you'd never see in Japan. So, for economy sake, and for the sake 

My Japanese friend responded to my email with some good advice, but also asked if I'd like some special ingredients to add that she could post to me. So the other day I received a care package from Japan! Is that how you know that you've flipped over to the other side? To being at least part-Japanese?

Then yesterday we had some special friends over, friends who are a part of a group called our homeside support team.  They help us out with practical things, like this international move. We also ask them for wisdom on a variety of things (like the home church issue we encountered last year). When we're at home we try to meet with them once every month or two. They're a great support to us!
This bowl was full before our boys got to it prior to going out
to Kids Club and Youth Group last night.

Anyway, we hosted a bring-and-share meal with them last night and I made onigiri. Before everyone arrived, however, we gave our boys a taste test before taking them to our church's Kids Club and Youth Group. They loved the onigiri, so I knew I was onto a good thing because they don't hesitate to critique the food I make and they know Japanese-style onigiri.

Our visitors also seemed to enjoy it, I know our young visitors did. So I'm feeling pleased.

So, thank you Tako-chan for your care package and good advice. We're looking forward to many more home-made onigiri.

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