21 August, 2014

Queensland: a beautiful place to be outdoors

How do you know you're in a Queensland school?

Here are a couple of clues from our boys' school:

Outdoor port racks

Outdoor covered play areas

Just generally outdoors, really. This climate in Queensland I could really get used to again. Our experience of Japan is that there are so many days of the year where it just isn't nice to be outdoors. It's either too hot and muggy, or too cold, or too wet, or too windy. 

There was a tourism phrase some time back about Queensland calling it "Beautiful one day, gorgeous the next." I can testify to this being an accurate statement. There aren't too many days when you don't feel like being outside. 

And before the Queenslanders protest, just sit a moment and remember that there are many worse places in the world to live. You don't know what a good deal you've got here!

The eastern sky as the sun set on Tuesday, viewed from outside
our local library (which has awesome views, by the way,
being set in the middle of a park and sports ovals).
A typical Brisbane sky in winter (and summer?) viewed over
our roof from the backyard.
Today is 23C and 41% humidity. Wonderful!
I'm so thankful for the opportunity to come back here every now and then, and try hard not to be too homesick for the climate when I'm gone.


-J said...

definitely one of the restorative values of Home Assignment!

The Mother Experiment said...

Yep! It rained all day today yet we were outside for most of it, relaxing on the patio. It's great