15 August, 2014

Bad English nostalgia

I was going through some old photos on my Japanese mobile and found a couple of gems. Check these products, found in a ¥100 shop:
Wouldn't "multipurpose gloves for either hand" be better?

Sorry, didn't take the best photo here, but there's enough to marvel at how English can be used in the hands of those who don't have it as their native language. Plenty of reasons for me to be very cautious before I publish anything I've written in Japanese!


Deb said...

Boy! If only I could get hold of some gloves that would make me omnipotent. The things I could then get done!

The Mother Experiment said...

Haha love it. I only had the privilege of visiting a hundred yen shop just one time. I could easily have spent hours there.

Wendy said...

Yep, we love 100 yen shops too. They are a great place if you need a "shopping fix" but don't have a big budget.