23 December, 2013

Miserable Cold

No avoiding it any longer: I'm down with a nasty cold. It's in my chest and my head and I'm reminded me of this ad:

Colds are always complicated by asthma for me, therefore I'm not very happy with myself that I've run out of my main asthma medication and can't get anymore till tomorrow (today is a public holiday). So, I'm lying low. This is the third day running that I've not gone anywhere, nor have I done a lot around home. Cross stitch and a lot of iPhone Spider Solitaire card games! Today I've mostly been lying down reading. 

Thankfully I didn't have many responsibilities to tend to these days and David is around to help with the boys. Unfortunately we had to put off another fun morning tea this morning when friends were coming around with their little boys. Hopefully I'll be well enough by Friday to make good on that one. Actually I'd like to be well enough to go to the Christmas Eve service at church tomorrow evening. We'll see!

I guess I'd better go and rest some more, not much else for it but to let my body heal itself.

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