24 December, 2013

Christmas Eve adventures

Feeling a little better today, but headed off to the doctors his morning for more asthma meds. I had a tagalong--my middle son who fell off his bike yesterday and split the skin on his chin. They were on the way to the large ¥100 shop for our annual shop-for-one-another's Christmas presents when he came a cropper.

Alas I missed out on the shopping trip. But I was home to welcome our injured rider, who decided to turn around and come home. Thankfully he had no other damage. If it hadn't been a public holiday we would have taken him to the doctor (he rode home past the doctor's surgery!). We thought they'd stitch it or glue it, but in the end they did nothing except clean and dress it. He'll have a nice little scar. 

It's days like today that I'm so happy for the no-appointment policy of most local doctors. We just rocked up and within 45 mins saw our favourite doctor, together!

My drugs, plus the explanation sheet from the pharmacy. As they don't come
in separate cartons it is useful that they include a photo of the medication
(I guess I could read the labelling...).
He's given me a swagful of drugs, though. Asthma med plus some pills to treat my cold symptoms. Japan is fond of polypharmacy.  Hopefully this cold is on it's way out now. There were way less tissues beside my bed this morning when I got up, so I'm hopeful. I've certainly treated it with lots of rest. I've done little since Friday afternoon!

On the way home we stopped at a smaller, but closer ¥100 shop to give us wounded/sick people a chance to do our Christmas shopping. After reading many Facebook statuses documenting the nightmare of Christmas shopping today or last night in Australia, I have another reason to be thankful I'm here and not there. No (bike) parking hassles and no more people at the shops than usual. 
Can't get much closer parking than this. The steps
mark the front of the store were I bought more bandaids. This
 is on the route home from the doctor. I basically parked on the road, only 2m from where I would ride. 
So convenient!
More convenient bike parking: out the front
of the 100 yen store.
At the 100 yen shop I couldn't resist taking some photos of this product covered in appalling English. 

It was hard to take photos—so many lights shining on the plastic! Here is
some of it:
"Of a hand of infant and child is not going to arrive, and please keep it.
Because there is not breathability. I am very in danger when I put a bag on 
a head. Please stop it."
"I am going to become fire and a high temperature". and please do not put a
gas ring or a toaster oven.
So onwards onto Christmas Day. The boys are so excited that they're having trouble eating (at least the non-teenagers are). 

I hope you're able to have a special celebration in one form or another this week. May God bless you as you celebrate those he's given you as special in your life. 

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