11 December, 2013

A mobile blog post

This morning I spent time getting the next stage of an editing project for our mission out of the way (31 Days of Prayer for Japan). This involved going through several critiques of our draft booklet. 

Then I rode over to a friend's house to help her clean prior to their departure next week. Sadly I won't see her again
for at least 18 months. It was a fun time, however, the best way to clean a house: with a few girlfriends.

After that I rode home and got ready to go out for the evening on an unconventional date. I'm now sitting at a US airforce base, with my husband and several other parents, watching high school wrestling again. Our younger boys are being watched by a former student of David's. To be honest it is nice to be off the after-school duty for once. 

And to our joy our son once again got a bout and he pinned his opponent. Yay! Definitely worth coming, not just to see our son but to cheer on the whole team. 

It's a latish night, however. Hopefully the traffic will be light on the way home!

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