01 December, 2013

Freezing, yet beautiful

We've had a packed 3½ day long weekend. With camping, traffic that meant we got home after 7pm last night and then visitors from a supporting church for several hours today. I've no time now to write up a full post here, but will show you some photos instead.

It was Very Cold: down to at least -4℃, possibly lower! But despite the challenge of surviving in the cold and the inconvenience of the traffic, the photos show most of what we go for: the awesome views and wonderful space. They don't show that camping slows down the clock, so that even though we were only away for a bit over 48 hours, it felt much longer.

Mt Fuji, sighted at a road stop on the way there.

Stunning autumn colours.
This was the view we woke up to both mornings!
Our tent tucked in to a nook next to a bank. We had the place
to ourselves for the first night, then a few others trickled in.
Gives you a bit of an image of the campsite.

Just up the hill, the view from the below swing.

The boys loved this swing. Though not terribly
daring, it was on a hill and it felt like you were
swinging way higher than you actually did. 
It's hard to get too much of this awesome view.

Looking up the hill (towards our campsite)
 at the park golf course. 
The sky was an amazing blue the whole
time we were there.
Towards sunset some clouds drifted over and were lit
up beautifully.
Sigh. We were getting worn out by the cold by the end of our time there, but it was worth it to visit such a beautiful place.

In the coming days when I get some time I'll write another post giving you some more details of our camp. Stay tuned.

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