13 December, 2013

Conversational Bore!

I'm a terrible conversational bore at the moment.

In all my conversations I end up mentioning wrestling or other pursuits of my kids. If you get me off
that and ask me how the magazine is going, you're in for a tale of how we're a couple of weeks into December and our Autumn issue hasn't made it out yet.

In general, sports seems better route, but if you're English you'll not want to mention cricket. If you are American you won't know to mention cricket!

Alas, perhaps it's better if I just stay away from others right now? Hang out with my husband where I can feel free to boast about my kids, talk about wrestling, and have total harmony when it comes to the cricket. As for the magazine, I think he's probably tired of hearing about it too, we all are. Hopefully that will be done and dusted by the end of the weekend or you definitely won't want to raise that topic with me!

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