18 December, 2013

Raising Boys

I grew up with two sisters, I never expected to be the only "girl" in my family as an adult! But here I am. 

Parenting boys is different to parenting girls. That is generally agreed on by any parent I talk to. Those of us with only one sex tend to have a more intensified experience of that sex i.e. we have a very male household. I probably don't help that much because I'm not a girly girl (little pink or frills, no nail polish etc.). 

I've learned a lot about parenting boys, but it is good to occasionally read something from an expert (and not just another parent who's got "good kids").

I blogged back here about some good advice from a book about Raising Boys. It was good to go back and reread that post this afternoon, reminding myself of some great tips for parenting boys, especially older boys. I'd love to reread the whole book, maybe when I get back to Australia I can find it hiding in the library again. 

I quote the last paragraph of the above mention blog post here as a reminder to myself, and an encouragement:
Parenting is a massive challenge. Essentially though I learned that because our children have two parents still together who love one another, a father who is involved in their lives and a family who eat together two or three times a day puts us well above average. Yes, you can make yourself guilty about lots of stuff you don't do well, but these basics are a massive start.


Andrew said...

Great post. I have one son (and one daughter). He is 4 but I read this book a couple of years ago, and was only looking at it a couple of nights ago and thinking that I should probably re-read it again. There was so much to digest, and many chapters were not appropriate due to the age of my son.

Wendy said...

Quite right Andrew. It's a book that needs to be re-read at different stages of parenting. Now I have 14, 11 and 8 year old boys, it will look a lot different to me than it did 4 years ago.