01 December, 2013

Photo-a-Day: Week 5

November 25: quirky. 

Quirky isn't hard to find in Japan (for foreigners). Here are some over-your-sneakers-slippers I found at the gym. Just in case you've got to go to the loo quickly and don't want to take your sneakers off! For the record, when they first appeared bono fide Japanese ladies were also exclaiming over them. So they are indeed quirky.

November 26: message

Here is a note we put in our youngest's lunch box every Tuesday. It reminds him to go to his piano lesson after he's eaten. There used to be a little heart, but you can see that someone(!) eradicated it.

November 27: no!

There was a fair bit of choice for this one, like Japanese parfaits that always have cornflakes in them. However this photo was easier to get. The Japanese image of Christmas cakes is all wrong!

November 28: thankful. 

Campfire=food and warmth and means we're out of the city!

November 29: black

One of my boys reading in bed in our tent. Outside it's subzero, but with plenty of stars. 

November 30: all done. 

All packed up at the end of our camping trip, the last Japan camping trip for more than 18 months 😞

There ends a month of daily photos. The challenge came from this website: http://fatmumslim.com.au/november-photo-a-day-challenge/
I enjoyed it, I hope you did too. She runs this every month, but I am not continuing in December. Maybe again sometime in 2014. 

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