08 April, 2013

Update on my birthday month

It's one week into my birthday month. It was my actually birthday last week so I had some interesting days.

My Kindle, with it's green cover.
My big birthday present was a Kindle. Not really a surprise, but it was great nonetheless.I didn't know that my husband would also give me a beautiful green cover for it! It feels delicious.

I also received some surprise flowers delivered to my door. . . All the way from Australia. I didn't know you could do international flower delivery! It was sweet indeed.

Mum and Dad rang me on Skype before everyone came home and we talked for nearly an hour. That was very special too.

I went to the gym on my birthday and they gave me a present too (face washer, US=wash cloth?). The average age at Curves is early 60s, I think. So I definitely feel young there! It was a good thing to do, deliberately celebrate my "youth" with the exercise that gives me energy.

On Saturday a parcel arrived from one of my sisters, as well as emails and eCards during the week. Not to mention lots of god wishes on Facebook. Makes me ashamed of how infrequently I wish people happy birthday on Facebook.

But we did make a mistake. Next year I'll plan to celebrate my birthday not on a school night. We went put to a restaurant one night and it nearly turned disaster outs. Hungry, tired kids in car in Tokyo traffic on a weekday evening equals trouble. The restaurant was great, but I wish we'd chosen to go on Friday night!

I'm glad I chose the "celebrate" route to turning 40, not the "hide under my bed and pretend it isn't happening".

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