03 April, 2013

"There's nobody here"

I must have scared everyone away from Curves today after my post yesterday! After encountering 50+ people at Curves on Monday, there were only about 10-12 there this morning. (The usual number at that time of the morning is about 30.)

Actually, I know what it was this morning. It was the weather. I knew it was raining harder than yesterday (when an umbrella and gum boots were sufficient), so I kitted up in my full-rain suit (pants and jacket) and hopped on my bike this morning to go to the gym. Not long into my trip I wondered if I'd mad a mistake. It was blowing like crazy and the rain was heavy. The roads were deserted, and the gym likewise. So much so that one lady came in and said, "There's no one here." It was a pleasant change!

You might ask why I didn't drive to Curves. Simple reason: there's no car park. So, it's walk or ride.

A while back I promised you that I'd tell you about my new bike. I've been hankering after a green bike for years, green being my favourite colour, and look what I've finally got:

Parked at our local grocery story this afternoon.
I look quite a treat with my green bike and green helmet these days. If you look closer you'll see that I have green glasses' frames, green eyes, and an emerald in my engagement ring! Overkill? At least I don't ride with my green umbrella!

This bike's taken some getting used to, though. It is my first bike with gears—that's been fun. I can now make it up a short, steep, and narrow short-cut on my way home from the grocery store. The most challenging thing to get used to, though, is the different posture it demands. I think the handlebars are lower, so instead of the upright posture that most Japanese bikes allow, this one demands I lean forward and look more like a "real" bike rider!

Now I'm itching to get out with the guys (who all have gears on their bikes) and see what a difference the gears make. Unfortunately our weekends are all pretty full until May, so I'll have to wait on that front.

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