18 April, 2013

Rare encouragement

I've been working at CAJ's giant garage sale (aka Thrift Shop) all day today, so I'm not going to be on the computer for long tonight.

But I did want to tell you about a short exchange just before dinner.

David cooked dinner (tuna & cheese quesadillas) so that I could get to the doctor to get more asthma medicine (I ran out earlier this week). I got back just in time to help with serving dinner. Our 10 y.o. was in the kitchen as he was on table setting duty. I said to him, "Your dad's awesome, did you know?"
He didn't blink before replying,
"You're both awesome!"

Love it! This is rare praise from him. He used to be a great "cheerleader" and encourager as a young child, but that's been missing in recent years as his analytical side's come out. Maybe he's getting back to being an encourager? I hope so.

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