22 April, 2013

Guitars and drums—Thrift Shop livens up our house

I have a tonne of stuff waiting for me to do, but I'm struggling to get into it all after the craziness of the last week. So, I'll knock some easier things off my list, including this blog post.

There are two other significant purchases that we made at Thrift Shop.

First we bought a drum! Joan, our awesome Thrift Shop coordinator saw me buying this and questioned my sanity. She told me I had to blog about it too! So, here it is. The reason behind this is that our middle son wants to take up percussion next year. We figured he might as well have a bone fide drum to practise on! We'll have to wait and see whether I need to go and buy some ear plugs too!

The other purchase relates to our eldest son who's shown no musical inclinations at all till recently. But now, he'd like to learn the guitar. A colleague suggested YouTube would be a good tool for teaching himself, but I found this book with some basics to start with. Trouble is, we're lacking a guitar. We didn't find one at Thrift Shop. Is there anyone around this area with one they don't want anymore?

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