13 April, 2013

A cool book of memories

Ever since we came back from our epic motorhome trip to the centre of Australia, I've been wondering how best to put our memories, especially our photos, into some kind of viewable format. Having them as digital images on the computer, wasn't quite my idea of how they should be.

So when my friend April wrote on Facebook about a free photo book being offered (by MyPublisher), I jumped at the chance. Especially because April is the designer of the magazine I manage and I know that she wouldn't be promoting a dodgy website.

One spread from our book.
This is what we've ended up with: a 20 page professional-looking book with our own photos. I'm stoked. We all love it, actually!

Most of our memories are in our heads, but it is very special to have something we can hold and even show others. It is a physical reminder that we did have a very special trip last July, one that we will probably never forget.

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