20 April, 2013

Japan Photo #32 Answer

So, it looks like I gave you a pretty easy photo to guess yesterday.

The first guess by "Anonymous" was spot on:
 It looks like some type of grinder item. If it was in Australia I'd suggest it's for making snow cones, put ice in the top, turn the handle around to grind the ice and it falls into the cup below. Add some strong cordial and you're good to go for summer!
No one guessed what the cup underneath is for. It is for freezing the ice so it is the right shape, including the four grooves for the grinder to get hold of the ice with.

I had no idea what they called shaved ice in Australia. Is it really "Snow cones"? That is the term Americans know. Japanese call it kakikouri. It is a very popular summer treat here. We've bought it when out, but never made it ourselves. So, for 100 yen, we're going to give it a go this summer!

What surprised me about the answers is that a friend, Karen, who lives in Cambodia, didn't know what it was. Karen, I think we'll have to buy one next Thrift Shop and post it to you, you could really use some ice where you live!

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