02 November, 2012

Charlie Brown, get out of my head

Today we had parent-teacher interviews. 2 1/2 hours of them. I don't think I learnt too much I didn't already know or suspected, but it was good to go face to face with the teachers. However, now I feel a bit overstimulated. 

Plus I have had a bit of an issue come up this week with an editorial decision I had a large part in with the magazine that came out last week. Someone has objected strongly to the decision and as an editorial team we're talking about it. I don't like conflict and no one enjoys being criticised, especially over a highly visible decision that many people are holding in their hands. 

So, I'm just feeling the need to chill out a little this afternoon.

I thought I'd share the song that my 7 y.o. has been learning on the piano recently. A song that I'm not conscious of hearing before, but probably I have. For a fairly laid-back song, it has stuck in my brain. See what you think:

Charlie Brown theme song by Vince Guaraldi

While looking for it, though, I found this Peanuts theme by the Piano Guys that made me cry. I've worked  with elderly people in a number of different settings, and this is such a precious little video. How much joy music can bring! It's truly a gift from God.


Deb said...

Awh, that was such a feel-good clip of the Piano Guys!

Tasmanian said...

YAY that clip and YAY Piano Guys.

Shan in Japan said...

Love that song and the Piano Guys rendition was great! (I am enjoying my JH, by the way!)