22 November, 2012

"Rain firms the ground."

I found a book on Japanese Idioms on our shelf the other day and thought I'd periodically share one with you. Idioms in your own language can be boring, or very useful. But idioms in another language can be fascinating!

Today's is particularly relevant to the camping trip we're about to take.
"Ame futte ji katamaru"   
 This phrase literally means "rain firms the ground". Its meaning is that adversity builds character.

Apparently it is often used at weddings, encouraging the bride and groom that though bad times may come, their tie to one another will be strengthened as they stick together through the challenges. Or at least that is my interpretation of the explanation given in the book.

However for today, as we embark on our camping trip in the cold, it is tempting to think, What a foolish adventure. I prefer to think that avoiding difficulties doesn't help us grow or appreciate what we have. After a trip like this, we will appreciate the wonderful things in life like, heating! It also will give us good family memories.

But one thing I'm looking forward to is the simplicity of life without email and the internet for a couple of days. It's been a stressful month. I've been pushing myself hard on several fronts and it is time to take a short break for sanity.

Sourced from 101 Japanese Idioms, by Michael L. Maynard and Senko K. Maynard.

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Catherine said...

Hope your break is refreshing, Wendy, even if it is cold!

Looking forward to the idioms - this one was great.