05 November, 2012

New gutter thingies

Last year I smashed my finger while sweeping the gutters outside our house, see the post here and a nice photo of my fingernail a week later here
These concrete blocks are what used to help our cars and
bikes get over the gutters.
This job hasn't gone away, the gutters still need sweeping and my neighbour still sweeps daily, making my gutters look terrible 95% of the time. But since the accident, I've been a bit leery at shifting those concrete blocks to clean underneath them.

Many houses have plastic versions of the above blocks. I've often envied them, but disposing of the large heavy blocks seemed to be too difficult. When I mentioned my idea of replacing the blocks to David, he said, "That would be easy, we'll just stack the blocks down the side of the house."

Oh, didn't think of that! So this weekend we replaced the heavy, dangerous blocks with light, but strong plastic gutter-thingies. What do you call them? Ramps? 

Only downside is that I now have no excuse to not sweep the gutters, except that I often have many other things to do that I deem more important.

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