09 November, 2012

Japan and Blood Types

In Japan blood types are a big deal. I knew this, but this article told me much more. Apparently employers often ask about blood type interviews, politicians mention it (to the point of blaming their blood type for bad behaviour), and their silver-winning Olympic softball team (in Beijing) used the theories to customise their preparation.

There is a widespread belief that character is linked to blood type.
According to popular belief in Japan, type As are sensitive perfectionists and good team players, but over-anxious. Type Os are curious and generous but stubborn. ABs are arty but mysterious and unpredictable, and type Bs are cheerful but eccentric, individualistic and selfish.
A father and son with no medical background have published dozens of books on the subject here. Amazing.

So, do you fit the stereotype? I don't really.


Anonymous said...

I don't either.

Karen said...

It's spot on for me...but I'm not sure I want to own up on which type I am ;) You might have to guess.

I wish I was an AB...how cool would it be to be arty but mysterious??

Laurie Elliot said...

I'm a an (overly) sensitive perfectionist - but a team player I am NOT. My husband, also type A is NONE of these things. Of the 6 As in our family NO ONE is a team player, although there are two perfectionists and 3 of us are sensitive.And Sarah might possibly be described as over-anxious.

Mary (the only O) could be described as "curious and generous but stubborn" - although not so very generous and I'd be much more likely to describe her like a B - she's very cheerful and very, very eccentric. My husband used to say that she carried her own drummer in her back pocket!

So, no, I don't think we fit the stereotypes.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about personalities and blood but I have a theory about health and blood. All the O's I know are susceptible to respiratory problems/allergies, but all the A's i know are quick healers and fit! Any thoughts?

Wendy said...

Health and blood types? No, we don't fit there either, none of us are O and there is plenty of asthma around out house.

Actually, our whole family have the same blood type, but our personalities are so very different, polar-different in some cases.

Anonymous said...

I actually fit the A personality type but I think I am actually type B.... not sure though.

Mrs Q said...

The idea of blood type and allergies doesn't work for us. My mother is AB and allergic to fish and mandarines/oranges (she's not arty or mysterious either), I am a B and allergic to eggs and am a coeliac, and my daughter is an O and is severely allergic to nuts. The allergy tendancy is genetic, but obviously not related to the genes for blood type.