14 November, 2012

Abortion: a surprise article

We recently raised the issue of abortion, especially abortion in Japan, in Japan Harvest.

The "story behind the article" is that we had a young lady here with OMF on a short-term mission trip who has been involved in post-abortion counselling in the US. While she was in Japan, she did some investigating and found some very disturbing information about this topic. She took a small group of missionaries, including me, to visit a Shrine south of Tokyo where people go o pray for the souls of dead children and aborted babies, particularly mums who've aborted their babies. I wrote about it here, back in February.

As a result of that visit, I encouraged the short-termer to write an article on the situation for the magazine. As a result, we've just published one article and have one more to come in the next issue.

As in many countries, it is a topic that doesn't see much light of day. Certainly in some countries, abortion is a very political topic, but the fact that women who undergo abortions suffer post-abortion stress, is not well known. Here in Japan, very little is done by Christians for those who suffer.

It was a surprise, therefore, to find that an English language newspaper here published an article on the weekend about the one missionary who is solely working (as far as we know) in this exact area. You can read the article here.

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Anonymous said...

thanks Wendy for bringing this matter to my attention. I'm sure God's heart is saddened by looking at how we all equate happiness with money and so-called "success" This speaks out at what children really need-simply love and support. At all ages.