27 November, 2012

Answer to Hard-Off and Off-House photo quiz

Time to reveal what these stores sell. They are second hand stores, hence "off".

Hard-Off sells second-hand electronics, hardware, cameras, other appliances, musical instruments etc.

Off-House sells second-hand household goods, clothing etc.

As one commenter noted, there is also "BookOff", second-hand bookstores. I Googled it and to my surprise found that there are stores in the US as well as France and Korea. 

The names of the stores are a tad mysterious, though, for native English speakers.


Deb said...

Ahhh! It was the dots that got me sucked in. I thought they must be bubbles and then went with cleaning. How does "off" relate to secondhand?

Karen said...

Well, there you go. Would never have picked that.

So is it like Cash Converters here?

I too am not sure how "off" relates to second hand??

Wendy said...

No, not like cash converters, in that you can't buy your stuff back.

"Off" as in it is cheaper than if you buy it new? Does that make sense, or have I been living in Japan too long?

Caroline said...

Or are they "off" because they're selling things that people have cast off?

April said...

It's "off" as in "x% off the original price" because it's used.

Wendy said...

I did some FB research and a Japanese speaker said, "I can assure you that 'cast off' is not part of the common understanding of English."