01 October, 2012

Coaching workshop begins

I'm at an OMF coaching workshop these three days. This morning I survived the body contact sport that is peak hour train travel. It wasn't all that fun and I am glad that I'm not doing it each day of the workshop. I'm sleeping on this side of town, which is far less stressful (for me).

The coaching workshop has been good. The concept and skills can be widely used in the various roles I have. I'm not sure if I would ever get into formally coaching people, but you never know. It is nice, though, to be learning a model that could be used if such an opportunity came up.

As a result of the train journey this morning and the intense use-your-brain time all day, I'm feeling rather exhausted this evening.

As an aside, I've joined a one month photo challenge here on Facebook. If you want to go over, you can "Like" my photos and boost my (currently non-existent) standings in their ratings. Today's photo theme was "beginnings." However it might be a bit difficult to find. I hope I'll figure it out better tomorrow and will be able to "share" it on my own FB page also.

I'm obviously too tired to be writing here, I can hardly think straight. Off to the shower and then bed for me. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be more coherent. A much slower start — no trains, for starters!


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-J said...

Whenever I had meetings downtown Tokyo or in west Tokyo area, I spent the night, too. I know Jpse people consider that a daily commute, but, like you, I don't know how they do it!