23 October, 2012

A writer's shout

So the next book on my pile of books to write about here is this: 

Growing up Among Worlds. 
30 Days of Prayer for Third Culture Kids.

This is an OMF publication. It just so happens that there are two stories in here by me. All the stories are anonymous yet true, as protecting our kids is an important thing. Especially when many of the stories illustrate struggles that children of missionaries (and their parents) face. Certainly my stories are. 

Someone asked me last week if I am actually a writer. I could assure her that yes, I've had articles published in actual magazines (that I'm not the editor of). But I think this is the first time I've had something published as part of a book compilation. So, that's my shout!

You might not know what "Third Culture Kids" (TCKs) are, I've blogged a little bit about what it is here and here, using illustrations from our own family. Basically missionary kids are Third Culture Kids (but not only missionary kids, other kids growing up in cultures different to their passports are also TCKs).

The book is beautiful. I'm very easily persuaded that green is the best colour for a publication :-)  And probably it should be called a "booklet". It is only 32 pages, one page per day to read and three helpful prayer points, plus a Scripture verse. A project that's just well put together.

I have but one complaint, and that's an author's complaint. They didn't come back to the authors to check the accuracy of the compiler's edits, as a result there is a glaring error in one of my stories. Glaring, only to those who know a bit of Japanese, but nonetheless, regrettable. 

It can be purchased for only AU$4 from OMF Australia here or for $3 (USD) OMF US here, and if you live somewhere else in the world and would like to get a hold of a copy, see if there is an OMF office in your country, they should have them in stock. Otherwise, I'm sure that our Australian or US offices would post them internationally.


Evangeline said...

How do we get one in Japan?

Wendy said...

I'll have to check with our office in Ichikawa, they don't usually keep English language books in stock, but they might have some spares.

Carrie said...

This sounds great! Anytime I can have assurance that other people are just as clueless (but also hopeful) about raising their children overseas, I'm in. Thanks for sharing.

Wendy said...

Evangeline, I have one spare, if you'd like it (just found it). I'm reluctant to ask our Ichikawa office at present, they have some much more urgent issues to deal with just now.
Carrie, Thanks for dropping by. I'll be coming over to your blog soon to have a look. I love it when people are real about their parenting struggles too.