30 October, 2012

Not every day is fantastic

Today I'm feeling particularly uninspired. Not only am I trying to do work that I don't like (planning, and planning for meetings—I hate meetings). But we had a bad time with our middle son this morning. It got me off to a bad start altogether.

So when I think about planning for the next year of Japan Harvest (the reason for the meeting I'm planning), I'm feeling thoroughly uncreative and uninspired. I hope I feel better on Saturday when we actually get together. I've never led such a meeting, in fact I avoid these kinds of meetings as often as I can, and as for leading it . . . well, at least there are only three of us and I know the other two pretty well.

I've probably got a touch of PMT too. Too much information, you say? Well, my reason for having this blog is to show what ordinary life as a missionary is like (or at least these very ordinary missionaries) and, well, we don't have fantastic days all the time! So there you are.

Thankfully I took some time off my tortuous planning to have lunch and do some homework for the Beth Moore Bible Study I'm doing with some friends. God blessed me with this passage: Isaiah 43:1-7

Key points:

  • God's called me
  • God will be with me no matter what difficulties I encounter
  • I am "precious and honoured" in his sight and loved by him

Finished off by verse 7:

  • I'm created for God's glory, he formed and made me.

Ah, valuable words to cling onto, specially when I'm feeling a lack of honour from my kids.

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