25 October, 2012

An event-full day

I made it to the Writer's Workshop. It just took 11 trains rather than 6 and almost two hours longer than I'd planned. Just got a little lost on the Osaka trains. But thankfully my boss was on time and able to get things started without me. With a flexible schedule, we were able to get back on track and haven't lost too much writing time.

Though I find I'm too tired to do much writing at these retreats, I did manage a little before dinner. After teaching about good writing I wrote a first draft of a very short article, the first of a series on good writing for Japan Harvest. It's pretty hard to write about good writing, actually. I mean, I need to lead by example, don't I?

I think the teaching time went well, I made them work at fixing the bad examples I gave them and that seemed to be a useful strategy. It also meant I didn't have to talk as much! It will be interesting to hear everyone's feedback tomorrow after we're done.

But for now I'm ready to crash into bed. I got up two hours early and operated on a higher level of awareness for most of the day.
This was the view from the train at Kyoto station. Hard to see, but there
is a typical Japanese tour group walking along that path. The leader
is holding up a little yellow flag. Just so you know that Japanese tour
directors overseas behave just the same as the ones here at 'home'.

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