14 October, 2012

Taking a sick day

My body's saying "Stop it".
I've run out of time to post today. Basically I've been trying to lie low and work on giving my body rest so I can get rid of a cold. After riding the short distance to church I sank down into the pew grateful for being supported again. I don't feel too bad if I'm not doing much at home (like typing on the computer or talking to someone), but get me out of the house moving around and I'm feeling pretty exhausted.

So, in the light of that I've decided to take a "sick day" tomorrow. Which, basically means, not spending seven hours attending a prayer meeting on the other side of the city (which also involves travelling for about three hours on 6-8 trains). I'll probably be doing some work here at home, but also some resting and possibly some therapeutic baking!

But for now, I'm off to bed.

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