21 October, 2012

Our treasures from this week's Thrift Shop

A jar to hold the sandy soil we brought back from
our caravan park adjacent to the Uluru
National Park.
Two single airbeds. Only 500 yen each
(AU$ 6).
My tartan laprug (British made).

One of the several books we snagged.
A music bag for our youngest son for
school next year (are we forward looking or what?).
A puzzle book with 3-D blocks to complete puzzles.
Original price? US$49.95. Our price? 100 yen (US$1.25).
Our 13 y.o.'s only regret? That it contains only 11 of the possible
12 pentominos (not that it is defective, but, well, it is a mathematical
kind-of thing...).
An assortment of long-sleeve t-shirts and hoodies for winter wardrobes. 
The book I'm devouring with pleasure. Published last year
and it only cost me 150 yen!
This and the below box are what consumed a lot of the boys' time on
Friday afternoon and yesterday. A place to organise their small Lego bits.
This one is for technic bits.
This one is for mini figures. Can you see evidence that they
are dismembered? It is a passion of particularly one of our boys
that the mini figures should generally exist with their heads,
legs and torsos as separate from one another. The other drawers
includes bits like weapons, hats, shields etc.
We didn't buy a lot this year. We threw away and sold more than we bought, which is the way it should be, don't you think? With home assignment in less than two years, we're always aware of how big a job packing up is and the constant challenge is to keep things "trim" around here. If something remains unused for too long, it gets offloaded. It's a missionary's life.

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Karen said...

Some fantastic finds there Wendy :)

Our guys are reading Eragon at the moment too!