23 May, 2012

A spot of shopping

We've had the afternoon off today. I wondered what I was going to do with myself. Work? Play? Go somewhere with someone? Well, everyone seemed to have their own plans, and my brain was pretty tired, so I decided to take myself off for a bit of rare slow-paced shopping at the local shopping centre.

I rarely take time to just wander around when shopping. Either I'm with boys (who don't do shopping like that), or I have a very specific purchase in mind.

I don't believe I've written here about the Japanese custom of omiyage. "Souvenir" partially describes it, but it is more of an obligation here. It was described to us as something you take back to anyone who has been "inconvenienced" by your absence. So, this especially includes workmates. There is a short explanation here. And a more detailed explanation of it here.

So today I did some omiyage shopping for my kids (I have my husband pegged, his I will get at the airport on the way home). I don't know how she knew, but the lady who served me at the shop asked if these purchases were gifts (and it wasn't a particularly "gifty" shop). When I said yes, she gave me a selection of wrappings and did them up nicely. One of the things omiyage must have is nice wrapping. I'm looking forward to seeing the boys open their gifts, I think they'll be pleased!

I also did some rare clothes shopping. Someone noted the other day that though my favourite colour is green, I don't actually have a lot of green clothes at the moment. Well, I've improved the odds on that today. Check out these green "sunflower" pants:

And yes, these are full-length pants. I have short legs! I do actually like buying pants in Japan because they are usually perfect in length for me!


KarenKTeachCamb said...

Sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon. I can't wait to go shopping at home! Nobody following me every step I take in the store. Airconditioned comfort. Fixed prices that are actually on the items(but ouch on those prices)!

Karen said...

Enjoying your posts this week Wendy, it's very interesting to hear about all your adventures while I'm pretty much house-bound here! Glad to hear you had a bit of time to wander around by yourself....the shopping centre is about the only place I ever get to do that these days, and it is strangely disconcerting in some ways! I often find myself looking around for the missing kids...