26 May, 2012

Snooping in the library Part 2

Today I'm travelling back to Tokyo. So I thought I'd use some more photos I took of our bookshelves to give you some more snooping fun.

Here we have more books on Australia, including an old encyclopedic-type book. Window on the World is an Operation World-style book for kids and quite useful. There is a Puffin Treasury of Australian Children Stories that I really should get rid of. The stories are extracts.  Enough to give you a taste and want you to read more, but of course we don't have ready access to an Australian library where we can get the books themselves! Intensely frustrating.

There are some origami books here as well as a couple of useful devotional books: 10-minute Time Outs for Moms and 10-minute Time Outs for You and Your Kids. I've used these personally, with the kids and also sometimes when I'm called on to do a short devotional at a parents-in-prayer meeting at school. On the left are a bunch of not-needed magazines and brochures that are useful for those occasional bits of homework that say, "Find pictures of rectangles." or "Find examples of ...".

Here is our downstairs collection of mostly picture books. It is good to have this close to the table when we have the occasion guests with younger children. There are also some Enid Blyton books that we're reading through as a family. The spiral bound book has been with us for over a decade. It is a book of classic board games, with counters attached. Brilliant book.

Here is a dusty shelf in our lounge room. We have some more serious books here. Theology, prayer, missional-topics, history of the church etc. But there is also a book of Rex Stout mysteries, and the Complete collection of Yes Prime Minister. And a book that's been very useful: Raising Your Spirited Child.

I might have to go upstairs for our next snoop. Any of you bloggers out there want to do a snoop in your house?

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Footprints Australia said...

Great idea Wendy! I will be pretty much house bound for at least a couple of weeks after my surgery on Friday, so happy to accept the challenge!