31 May, 2012

Follow-up on the recital

Thank you for everyone's interest in how the recital went yesterday. I made it through. Thankfully, as my son was the youngest student, we were first up. Not too much time to get sweaty palms.

I found a Youtube video of the piece we played yesterday, to give you an idea. (I played the bass, or on the left.)

We of course played it better than this :-) It is to be "lively", so we played it faster. My son's teacher also gave us the interpretation that the fast notes or quavers (US=eighth notes) were to  be played in a DOO-ba rhythm, rather than even in length and emphasis. These two do that a little, especially towards the end. But I think we managed it the whole way through.

I've just replayed the video my husband took of our performance and I'm happy with how it went. Not perfect, but pretty good none-the-less. For those of you who are my Facebook friends, we've posted our video there.

Now I just need to work on keeping him motivated to practise through the coming long summer holidays (starting next Friday). His teacher has another duet for us to tackle, so that should be fun. And hopefully I can get him to show-off to our families when we're home.

I'm not really a sentimental sort, but there was something special about playing with my son in a performance. Piano can be a lonely occupation. To have the opportunity to do it with other people is special. It is quite something to be able to help pass on a skill that I've been given to my son and then participate with him (kind-of like playing a sport with him). We'll see how long it is before he overtakes my ability, though! He's only seven, so I've probably got a few years at least!

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