31 May, 2012

Can't get to sleep...

Last night it was nearing midnight (well after my Cinderella hour) and I couldn't go to sleep. I realised I have a lot going around in my head, so I did the writer's thing. I put it down on "paper"

Stuff that's going down around here this week:

  • A boy's birthday. Very positive, not too stressful. A little bit of obsession by all the boys about playing the game that was received as a present.
  • Conference with teachers of one child. Not great news, not totally sure what to do about it, though. Praying.
  • Not good news from one of our supporting churches. (Deliberate vagueness here in this public forum.) Praying.
  • Excitement of everything coming up — elementary field day (bit like an Australian sports/athletics day), two camping trips, boys going to summer camps for the first time, trip to Australia, Uluru, mother-in-law visiting us for the first time in Japan.
  • House sitters suddenly on the horizon for our Tokyo house during our visit to Australia (changes how much we have to tidy up before we leave).
  • Recital yesterday
And then, after waking up this morning, I had a yucky headache (probably hormonal) and then at breakfast one boy had a bit of an emotional meltdown with new a loose tooth that prevented him from thinking about anything, including eating.

And the end of the school year is upon me (next Friday), way before I feel ready for it. I think it is a calendar confusion thing, mid-year just doesn't seem the right time of year to finish school, even though the season is right (but no Christmas or cricket)!

And I just look at all the things that keep landing on my desk to do, and wonder how it is all going to work once they're all at home again.

Just a bit too much. And I haven't told you everything. A bit of work stress, too, there is a certain magazine due to the presses in a few weeks...

Just keep plodding onwards, that's what my husband tells me. And praying!


Anonymous said...

that would keep me awake too!!

Hippomanic Jen said...

I hope it all calms down soon. You'll get there.

Karen said...

One step at a time. Praying all will go smoothly :)