02 May, 2012

Performance nerves

I don't really like being up in front of an audience. It takes me a bit to warm up and I do get quite nervous. Obviously home assignment is full of up-front opportunities, but when we're in Japan I get a bit out of practise of being in front of people. This month, however, I get two opportunities.

Tomorrow I've been persuaded to speak at the Grade 3-5 chapel at CAJ. It's only for 15 minutes and I'm hoping to have a bit of fun with the kids and give them a simple message that is very much on my heart (more about it tomorrow). But I've got to admit I'm feeling nervous.

In three weeks I'm going to play the piano in a recital! My youngest son has been practising a duet for several months now, and of course I've been playing the other part for him during his practises here at home. His teacher's given me permission to play with my son at his recital on the 30th. Wow. That's going to be special. It is kind of like handing the baton on to the next generation. But how many decades has it been since I played in a recital-type situation? I think I was a teenager last time I did that! I'll be nervous, that's for sure. Thankfully our performance will probably be towards the beginning of the programme.

PS. By the way, the man I wrote about yesterday received his heart last night only hours after I wrote here. He'd been waiting more than six months. The surgery went well and I'm praying for a great recovery.


Mrs Q said...

Praying here too. :)

Mrs Q said...
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Mrs Q said...

Not sure why it double posted?