30 April, 2012

The gap between those who "go" and those who "stay"

Yesterday I found this post where Sarah mentions this blog.*

I'm mightily encouraged by what she has to say. It sounds like she is a recovering missionaries-are-so-amazing-they-are-almost-not-a-part-of-the-human-race believer. Certainly, like many people she's been subjected to some dreadful missionary talks that put the guilts on people because they're not leaving their home country to serve Jesus. I'm so encouraged that she's starting to narrow that gap that often exists between "those who go" and "those who stay". The gap that shouldn't really exist because in an ideal world we'd realise we're all on the same team and we most definitely need each other. And that God is using this little blog to help close that gap in one life . . . well I'm ecstatic.

Anyone else finding that that gap is narrowing for them in recent years?

*It took me a while, but then, that was the first day I worked at Thrift Shop, and to be honest, the nearly two weeks since then have been very low on computer access time.


Karen said...

So glad you found Sarah's post :)
I found it the night before we left to go on holidays so I didn't have a chance to send you an email to say to check it out!!

Barbara said...

I find that missionaries are pretty normal people - as normal as I am at least ;)

Sarah said...

I'm glad to have encouraged you, Wendy. :)