18 April, 2012

An extrovert's dream

Estelle and Teresa, two of the wonderful
ladies I love working with at Thrift Shop. It
is an extrovert's dream – heaps of people to talk to!
This week is Thrift Shop week again. The giant twice-annual garage sale that our school runs in the gym. Two and a half days of setting up, one and a half days of selling and half a day of cleaning up. It is huge. Lots of work, but lots of fun too. I've enjoyed seeing people I haven't seen much of in recent weeks. You can read a post I wrote about last year's Thrift Shop here.

I'm feeling pretty exhausted already, more tired than usual. I'm glad I put some food in the slow cooker this morning before I left.

So, instead of writing something insightful here, I'll leave you with a link to an article and video clip called

Japanese Scientists Regenerate Human Hair on Bald Mouse

Enjoy, I'll be back tomorrow.


Caroline said...

The title of this post is interesting to me, because I'd come up as an introvert on most measures, but I love things like this. I think it's partly because it provides a structured activity in which to be sociable - no need for awkward silences while you rack your brain to try to make small talk. (Or maybe I'm not as introverted as I think.)

Wendy said...

Interesting thoughts Caroline. You're right in many ways, though I can see differences in personality as I work at Thrift Shop. Because we're setting up throughout a gym, it is quite a large space and it is easy for people who don't want to interact with others so much to find a quieter place to work. Others I see choosing to work shoulder-to-shoulder with people because that is their preference! But, being married to an introvert who struggles at times with starting conversations, I know what you mean!

The other interesting point is about how introverted or not you are. We tend to get the idea that there are two types, but really it is a continuous spectrum and most people have a bit of both sides in them. I certainly do. I'm classified as extroverted (though thought I was introverted for a long time), with a strong introvert "shadow". Which basically translates into meaning that I need both interaction with people and time alone, in a balanced way.

The other interesting thing I find I don't understand about introverts is that some are talkative and others aren't. I think I need someone to explain that one to me. Wow, this comment has nearly turned into a post of its own!