28 April, 2012

TMNT birthday

A huge week, as predicted! But I've made it to the end with my health intact, and finished with a bang with a family party for our youngest son.

Do you like the cake? A true family effort. I made the cake on Wednesday, my only home-based day this week. My husband made the icing last week and he with the boys put it all together this morning. The idea for the cake came from this website and the recipe to make the fondant came from here (substituting sugar dissolved in water for the corn syrup). Now we can make fondant icing (like the stuff you find on wedding cakes), we can do all sorts of things on cakes!

It was a successful birthday. He was extremely happy with his presents and loved the party. I'm feeling a very satisfied mummy tonight.

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Evangeline said...

I didn't know you could make fondant from scratch! Whenever I've come across birthday cakes that call for it, I've just looked for a different decorating idea. Great cake!