21 April, 2012

Final Thrift Shop report

The final day of this Thrift Shop is now behind us. This morning I served on the checkout again, this time helping the person on the calculator by calling out the prices of the various goods. But first I have to show you a short video I took at the very start of today's shopping when they opened the doors. Saturday is more intense and less relational. People are generally there to get bargains, and, as you see in the video, get them with a good deal of urgency in some cases.

Apparently the greeters at the door gave out 600 shopping bags in the first 15 minutes or so. It is hard to tell how many people are in the gym from the floor, but it can hold a lot of shoppers! It was more crowded today than yesterday and the lines were longer. That's normal.

I also want to show off some of my purchases, I didn't have many, but am happy with what I found.
One pair of lined Nike tracksuit pants (US=sweatpants) to fit nearly 13 y.o.. Hopefully he doesn't grow too much before the end of the year or they'll be put aside for the next boy!
Corn holders, I'm not sure I've seen them in Japan. Ours are breaking, so these are a handy addition.
The boys love Garfield. So I didn't hesitate to buy some cheap Garfield books.
Travel games for our loooong trip to Uluru in July.
Tupperware. Three microwave-proof containers for lunches (we've had a number of non-Tupperware containers wrecked in the school cafeteria's microwave this year). 100 yen for the lot, if you please!
A new board game. Sequence. Glad to see all three boys playing together . I need to learn it now.
David found new photo frames, never been used!
The cerebral part of my boys love these kinds of books.
These were some of the things our younger two chose. Plastic monsters thingies. They're thrilled.
More Famous Five books (actually David found three more for free in the free-shopping period this afternoon), great for after dinner reads. 
And something for work. Some writing/editing/grammar reference books.
I didn't get a photo of the most popular toy purchased: partially broken light sabers. Generally speaking we don't buy long skinny toys for use inside the house. Our place is just too small for three boys with long skinny objects. However, somehow David gave in this time!

Time for bed now, and back to normal life again tomorrow.


Evangeline said...
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Evangeline said...

You captured a lot in your blog and the video. Looks like you captured some bargains, too!

Footprints Australia said...

Some great bargains there!

I got a pair of gorgeous knee high black leather boots for winter from the op shop last week for $9, what a blessing.

But I was even more amazed when I googled the brand name on my arrival home. Joanne Mercer - new they are worth about $250! I would never spend that much but very happy with my $9 bargain!

Wonder how somebody could pay that much money only to pass them on to a charity shop?