13 April, 2012

Our cool folding washing machine lid

I'm home again, after nearly four hours this afternoon getting around Tokyo and neighbouring Chiba on trains. I have not enough energy to post much about my great day, so I'll do that, hopefully tomorrow (though tomorrow has it's own agenda...).

Meanwhile, I realised again as I spent time with Australian friends (who I'll tell you about when I post about today) that I know more Japanese that I realise. For instance, I could quickly scan the signs in the lift (US=elevator) and know which floor the restaurants were on.

Our house has more Japanese language in it than I realise too. I kind-of just forget that all the appliances are Japanese. Check out our washing machine and dryer, for example. Admittedly I don't know what all the buttons do (I think David might know), but I can wash an ordinary load of clothes and dry them too, if I wanted to!

Do Australian washing machines have such cool folding lids? 
Notice the lid says, "Clear and simple".

I love how compact our washing machine is, yet it packs a punch in the amount that it holds. But I do love it when I go back to Australia and I can read everything that I see: signs, cereal boxes, ads, etc. You take it for granted, you really do.


-J said...

I have never seen a folding washing machine lid here in the States, but then again, I've never seen a washing machine crowded into a tiny space here, either. The Japanese think of everything! And are the best at using space efficiently.

Melissa said...

Yes I have seen folding washing mashing lids here. Not sure if any current models have them but they have in the past.

KarenKTeachCamb said...

Mine here in Cambodia has a folding lid, but I think maybe all the buttons are labelled in Japanese too, so maybe it's a Japanese import! Maybe I should take a photo and send it to you for David to translate so I can really work out how it is supposed to work.

Footprints Australia said...

I have a front loader, so I don't know how a folding lid would work with that!