22 April, 2012

A bulging calendar

I have a feeling that the coming week will be a little like the last week of January. I didn't mention it in this post, but it wasn't just that that week was busy, it was that my to-do list was building up and I was having trouble getting to it.

This coming week could be the same. The deadline for articles for the next issue of Japan Harvest is coming and articles are rolling in (yay!), but I haven't got time to look at them and that stresses me. But I think I'll just need to learn to leave that alone. I know writers would love me to look at their articles straight away, but that isn't always possible and certainly won't be this week.

This is what's on the calendar:-

Monday: several hours renewing my driver's license
Tuesday: several hours packing the new issue of Japan Harvest for posting out
Wednesday: my one free day, hence I'll be trying to pack lots into this day, like groceries, gym, emails, editing, Bible Study preparation etc.
Thursday: I'm driving some of the Third Graders on their excursion to the Tama Science Museum. An all-day trip. When I agreed to this I didn't realise that all these other things (besides Friday/Saturday) would end up on my calendar too.
Friday: English Bible Study at church followed by an OMF Ladies retreat on the other side of Tokyo until Saturday afternoon.
Saturday: my youngest turns 7!! Somewhere in there a cake will need to be baked and decorated (thankfully my husband is gearing up for the decorating).

Phew, I hope that I'm not overdoing it, especially after a Thrift Shop week. Thankfully most of this is not too mentally taxing, in fact most of it could be a lot of fun because it is with people I enjoy (there's the extrovert in me talking). But I'll certainly be careful about going to bed on time in the evenings (I had a 1 1/2 hour nap this afternoon too, so I'm not starting the week too badly). Next Sunday I might be taking another one of those naps, I'll probably be indulging my strong introvert "shadow" too!

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