11 April, 2012

Special gift from an angel

It's more than a week since my birthday and I have a story to tell you.

Last week my husband came home with these flowers. How sweet! But they weren't from him.
One of the music teachers at school had encountered a rather bewildered flower-delivery person with these flowers. He didn't know who the flowers were from, but only knew that they were to go to the "Husby House" for a birthday.

Well, it so happens that the former tenants of this house was the Husby family, and as there'd been a birthday in the house during the last few days they figured we might as well have them!

It's one of the funny things of being a foreigner in Japan. I presume that any foreign name in this little corner of our suburb is assumed to be associated with the school. And foreign names are very conspicuous in Japan (unlike Australia, where a new immigrant can be Smith, yet a four generation Australia can be Wang). The delivery man didn't bring the flowers to the "Husby house" (I was home all that day), he took them to the school and found someone willing to take charge of them. A funny small world in the midst of the huge metropolis of Tokyo.

The flowers ARE sweet. Sweet Peas, in fact. A scent that takes me right back to the house I grew up in, where Mum had Sweet Peas growing against a wall in the backyard. I still don't know who they are from, but at a time last week when I was struggling a little with various things, including accepting grace from God (!), a little bunch of mysterious flowers were a special gift from an angel.

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