30 December, 2010

Looking back on 2010

On New Year's Day this year I blogged about what the 2010 probably contained for us. Strange to look back. Everything on that list has happened in one form or other!

Here are some things that have happened that weren't on that list:
  • I went to Hong Kong for a Writer's workshop for a week.
  • David's father had a hip replacement and then was diagnosed with cancer.
  • We spent a weekend in Canberra and Easter holidays travelling to and from family in central Queensland.
  • I have one new nephew and another niece or nephew due in the next month.
  • We found a house to move into before we even left Australia's shores and the move back to Japan was the easiest yet.
  • So we are now living very close to the school where four out of our five members spend their weeks. Very convenient and better than what we imagined might happen.
  • We went our first family camping trip and had our first go at ice skating (though David and I had been before many years earlier).
  • We drove through a barbed wire fence. See that story here.
  • Two of my sons had a go at learning a musical instrument.
  • My eldest son broke his left pinkie twice.
  • He also represented his school in both cross-country and basketball - with joy.
  • I lost a few cms from here and there.
  • With medical help I overcame two long-term recurrent health issues.
  • For the first time I was paid for a piece of writing I did.
I've enjoyed the last four months with my days free from children. My perceived "freedom" has resulted in way too many invitations to be involved in various tasks, choosing and saying "no" has been difficult and something I didn't anticipate dealing with upon our return to Japan.

Looking at the above list, however, much good has happened in 2010. Compared to the challenges I see in many lives around me, we've had a great year! I wonder what is in store for us in 2011?

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