13 December, 2010

Before After Japanese house transformation

I know compact living is common in Japan, but I haven't seen inside many houses, and usually only larger houses. If someone lives in a tiny house it is pretty unlikely that you would be invited inside to see it. 

So I was intrigued when I stubbled upon this blog last week, with an interesting link to this YouTube video. It shows a Japanese TV show called "Before After". It is a reality show in the style of Backyard Blitz and others like it in Australia, where they fix up someone's house. This show seems to specialise in tiny houses (probably helps their budget). 

On the show I've linked to, there are four adults (parents and two adult children) living in a very tiny house, a house that makes our current house look like a mansion. The mother is the only one who has normal sized (or placed) bed. The transformation is quite something. Some pretty amazing space-saving devices are employed. Not the cheapest of options, but amazing nonetheless.

However, they are still living in a tiny space. I wonder how many Australians would be content to live there?


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