12 December, 2010

This week's Miss Alaineus

Today's title comes from a great picture book called by the same, sub-titled "A Vocabulary Disaster". Hilarious and very clever.

This week just past I'm so happy God gave me encouragement over my eldest son last Sunday (I wrote about it here). Because he (and we, by extension) didn't have the best week. Probably the biggest factor is fatigue. It's been a big change - back to Japan, second international move in 12 months, second change of school and school system in 12 months, change from primary school to middle school and, well, it's been a while since we had a lengthy break. It is the 16th week since school started. If you asked an Australian child (or teacher) to do a 16 week term with only a couple of long weekends in the middle, you might have strikes! 4 1/2 days left at school, then we get 2 1/2 weeks off. Yay!

During the last week it came to light that there was no one coming forward to organise the 2nd grade in-class Christmas party. Two other ladies and myself have taken that on, so I've been working a bit on that. You'll hear more about that on Thursday, but I'm planning to include "Aussie Jingle Bells" and "Wombat Divine".

We saw some live basketball on three occasions. High school boys on Tuesday - the draw being the Concessions Stand. Not sure where that term came from, but it is a food stall run by the seniors that helps pay for their ministry trip to Thailand next year. They sell hot dogs and Japanese curry very cheaply - it makes an easy night out, plus we get to support the school sports teams (even if we couldn't stay till the end because of children who needed to go to bed).

The second occasion was yesterday morning and middle school basketball. Our eldest son was playing, so we went to support him and ended up buying some of our lunch there too.

On Friday night we had the middle school Christmas concert. It so happened that the school was also hosting two High School girls' basketball games, so we dropped in there before and after the concert. The concert was the focus, though, and it was great! Between sport and concerts, our boys are getting heaps of practise sitting still watching stuff.

I received a rejection for a small devotion that I wrote. I changed a couple of things and resubmitted it to a different publication. Have to wait a while on that. Their almost immediate response was, "Thank you for your submission, please wait six to eight months for notification of publication."

Early in the week I heard from the support staff at school that they wanted to meet with me on Thursday to talk about Occupational Therapy and what services I'm able to provide. So I spent some time working on preparing that. It went well, I'm looking forward to volunteering my services there.

So, there's my Miss Alaineus for the week past. The background to it all was a cold slowly developing. It's come into full flower over the weekend, but I'm hoping that I'll still be able to do all the Miss Alaineus things that come my way this coming week.

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