21 November, 2009

Summertime relaxing in Brissie

We took a day off today. Not a day off parenting, though when the boys are having fun it feels a little bit like a holiday (I won't mention almost losing two of our boys when they took off...). Our 10 y.o. had his final basketball game of the year and seeing as we were already 'in town' as Auchenflower feels like to people who live further out, then we skipped over to South Brisbane, spent the dangerous middle-of-the-day hours in the air conditioned museum and then trotted over to the swimming action at South Bank. Nice, though parking costs quite a bit after four hours, so we left before we were really ready. Nevertheless, we left, promising ourselves we'd be back soon. It is a great feature of our 'home' town. It cost us less than $35 because we brought our own sandwiches and left 'early'. A Great Summer Saturday.

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