12 November, 2009

A spear in the wash

This morning I carefully removed a spear from my lingerie bag. No, the natives haven't been here, but a portion of Lego was vomited on yesterday afternoon and it required washing :) Thankfully our 7 y.o. woke up cheerful and with a slight appetite today. No more vomiting or diarrhoea today! I've caught up a bit on housework, as well as mop the floor of the toilet and bathroom again after our 4 y.o. left it a little bit too long before going to the toilet. Tomorrow I finally have adult company. On Sunday I missed all the adults I'd counted on seeing - church and a party with good friends. Not really much in the way of decent conversation since (except a couple of phone calls). I have to admit to being a tiny bit tired of whinging kids. Lots of tantrums today, from 4 y.o. fighting with the others. And our recovering boy who swung from being happy to be alive to being grumpy due to a lack of energy, not having eaten since Saturday morning. Incredibly picky too - criticising all sorts of things like his brother's grammar and my facial expressions. A friend is coming for morning tea tomorrow and then Mum and Dad come after lunch for the night. Dad is putting in a couple of ceiling fans to help us cope with the heat without aircon. Gotta love having a dad who's an electrician. Though I have to say that this house is rather well built. Near the top of a hill it gets good breezes much of the time, tinted windows and insulation do their job well too. Well, it is past my bedtime, so I'd better make the effort or regret it tomorrow.


Tim and Susan said...

We find Legos everywhere too...I especially am on the look out when I vacum the carpet...hate to loose some of the "daiji" pieces.

"Upward" is a church based basketball program with devotionals, Bible verses the kids memorize and then coached by Christians and played at the church gym. It's neat because there is a real emphasis on equal playing time and good sportsmanship. Churches use if for outreach and lots of non-Christians come and hear the gospel, etc. It's been great to have our kids involved.

Wendy said...

Actually, Susan, I was deliberately washing the Lego, it had been vomited on!
Upwards sounds like a great programme!