26 November, 2009

Finally it all fits together

After four long years of being messed up at this time of year, everything finally lines up.
  • It is hot.
  • We have Christmas carols playing.
  • The Christmas cakes have fruit in them.
  • Schools are breaking up for the year - the end of the school year.
  • and the icing on the cake, so to speak:
  • Cricket is playing on (free-to-air) TV in the background.
Ahh, music for my soul. All the dots are connected and I actually know what time of year it is at at snap. And Mum wanted to know if I wanted a traditional roast for Christmas - no way! Give me a hot day with a cold meal followed by a snooze. Purrfect.

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KKCambLogos said...

It's hot here too, but haven't seen any Christmas decorations yet! I've enjoyed not hearing Christmas music for 2 months before December. We're winding up too, but we've still got half a year to go. Christmas program practices are happening, and collecting for charities too. Definitely different.