05 November, 2009

English words in Japanese

A friend commented on this post mentioning all the foreign words that Japanese absorb into their language. He was absolutely correct. Can you see the wonderful "English" in this photo? Here are some others, see if you can guess their meanings (for fun, please hold back if you speak Japanese and let the non-Japanese speakers have a go): (I've typed them as close as I can to how they sound in Japanese.)
  1. Manshon
  2. Sutaduresu taiya
  3. Sutovu
  4. Aian
  5. Pasocon
  6. Beeza
  7. Youkari
  8. Lordo (has two meanings)
  9. Sutsukesu
  10. Makudonarudo
Answers here.


KKCambLogos said...

OK Wendy, Here's my attempt at what I think they might be saying. I see some interesting ones here in Cambodia too!

Manshon = Mansion?
Sutaduresu taiya
Aian = Iron?
Beeza - Pizza?
Youkari - You carry (take away)?
Lordo (has two meanings)

OK! I give up on the rest.

Caroline said...

Hi Wendy,

I was wondering if the last two were suitcase and McDonalds?


Wendy said...

That's great work so far. I'll hold you in suspense a little while longer to let some others twist their brains.

Wendy said...

Well done Karen and Caroline - you both got two correct!