04 November, 2009

Christmas nearly here?

This morning we awoke to a 4 y.o. complaining that his big brother was singing. Not only was he singing, but his repertoire was Christmas carols. Later after he tired, he set the iPod to play more Christmas music. It is also blisteringly hot today. (I know it, I walked to school and back this afternoon.) An Aussie Christmas is definitely on the way. It feels pretty normal too - heat, school finishing up for the year, notices about Christmas parties at school etc. Hey, the cricket season is even starting up. This is our second southern hemisphere Christmas in nine years. We're a little excited...we'd be more excited if we weren't so drippy. Check here for an Australia Christmas Jingle Bells by a famous Australian Christian performer.


KKCambLogos said...

Christmas in Phnom Penh tends to be hot and drippy too! Not much rain though as the rainy season should be over by then.

Enjoy your Aussie Christmas.

Wendy said...

It isn't raining here yet, though thunderstorms are forecast for the next few days. All the dripping was from perspiration.

Anonymous said...

But have you bought your copy of Snowy's Christmas by Sally Murphy yet?

Do your kids know the words to Six White Boomers?

Wendy said...

Anon - no to both those questions. Why is Sally's book special?

Ken Rolph said...

That wasn't anon, it was me being sloppy and imprecise.

Snowy's Christmas refines the six white boomer tradition so that it becomes like the reindeer stuff from the northern hemisphere. Just a secular Christmas tradition that feels like it belongs to us. If we are going to have secular Christmas traditions we should have our own.

It took me two readings of the book to ee the little touches in the background, like the wombat wearing Christmas antlers, or the reindeer cooling off in the billabong.

Ken Rolph said...

Not only what I said, but on the back cover the six white boomers are playing cricket.