23 November, 2009

Shopping moods

This morning it took me longer to do the groceries than usual. I found myself in rather a dreamy, floating kind of mood. Sometimes when I'm shopping I'm all business. Occasionally I get visually (or auditory) overload and can't wait to get out. Other times I'm in a spendthrift mood, ready to compare every product to save a cent. Occasionally I'm much closer to the mood that shopping centres want me to be in - happy to spend and just a little bit impulsive. Different kinds of moods are required for different types of shopping. For example, Christmas shopping cannot be done in a spendthrift mood. Careful spending is obviously required, but if you enter a shopping centre not willing to spend any money at all, then not much Christmas shopping will be done, will it? However a business-like approach to weekly grocery shopping works best and most efficiently. So here's some questions for you: 1. What sort of moods do you encounter when shopping? List up to five. 2. When do you do your best present shopping? 3. Where do you prefer to shop? (on-line, large shopping centre, small strip mall etc) 4. How do you move out of negative non-shopping mood when shopping is essential (maybe you don't have this problem, but I do)?


KKCambLogos said...

3. I'd prefer to shop anywhere but Cambodia. I'd like to be able to wander around without being harassed by shopkeepers to buy their wares. We're getting more stores here, but one of the joys of a trip to Thailand is to go shopping in Tesco Lotus, and other big shopping centres, where things are priced, and you can browse without bumping into people.
4. I just get on with it, and try to do it as quickly and efficiently as I can.

Wendy said...

Oh, I fully understand 3. When I was in Manila (also Indonesia, if my memory is correct) the shop assistant followed us around - I just wanted to shout - "I'm Australian, I need some space here!" I wonder if you ever get used to that?