24 September, 2009

Relaxing in Brissie and packing again

I had a great picnic morning tea in the park today. With another missionary family, a mission-minded family and an ex-missionary. What a great time, no agenda except to enjoy one another's company. Totally relaxed. Great questions!! We took off our 'public' masks and could enjoy one another. Boys had a good time too and were reluctant to go home. Brisbane has such fabulous parks and the weather was great again today, after yesterday's mega dust storm. Tomorrow we get to pack our bags again and go up the mountain, Tamborine Mountain, that is. I think the boys might be disappointed at how small the mountain is! We've been preparing a two hour programme for Saturday evening. Surprisingly it is hard to decide what to not include; we have so much material. It is amazing that most churches only get 10 minutes worth of stories and not all the fun stuff we have in our repertoire. I've been practising my origami sumo wrestler, we've pulled out our Japanese slippers for a relay and they might even get to do our super-duper fun game-quiz! Heaps more fun than listening to (or speaking) a 10 minute missionary spot on a Sunday morning.

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